Providing Water Harvesting Expertise On Large Scale Applications

baseball stadium No application is too large, complicated or challenging. All of these massive facilities have potentially enormous sources of water, which can be harvested, treated and reused, replacing costly and often precious, limited potable water sources.
  • Data centers
  • University campuses
  • Sports stadiums & arenas
  • Hospital centers & medical centers
  • Industrial process facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Public schools
  • Landfills
  • Fleet vehicle wash facilities
  • Industrial laundry facilities
  • Hotels & vacation resorts

Single Source Integrated Systems Feature Limitless Treatment Filtering & Pressurization Methods

lift station Our decades of expertise in the water industry will result in practical and cost effective solutions to every large water wasting situation. Our staff of experienced sales engineers, integration specialists, design engineers and service technicians will help to determine the appropriate storage, filtering, treatment and pumping methods.
  • Buried storage vessels
  • Above ground tanks
  • Complete packaged pumping, filtering & treatment skids
  • Fully enclosed housed systems with environmental controls
  • Indoor water reservoirs
  • Skid mounted filtering stations
  • Buried filter vaults
  • Underground pressurization stations
  • Chlorination, UV, ultra-filtration, ozone disinfection

Capture Wasted Water Resources From A Multitude Of HarvestZones™

cooling tower fans AquaHarvest Technologies designs and delivers single source integrated water reuse systems to capture and treat water which would otherwise be wasted. Typical HarvestZones™ include:
  • Rainwater
  • Greywater
  • Subsoil drainage
  • Surface runoff
  • Mechanical drainage
  • Industrial process waste
  • Snowmelt collection
  • Landfill leachate

Clean Drinking Water Isn’t Necessary For Every Process

mens bathroom showing stalls and urinals AquaHarvest Technologies will help you find the best places to use the water you’ve harvested:
  • Flushing washroom fixtures
  • Filling cooling towers
  • Water features & fountains
  • Firefighting water storage
  • Washing trucks, busses & other vehicles
  • Filter backwash-water
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Industrial process cooling

Harvesting Sources

We Will Help You to Discover the HarvestZones in Your World

AquaHarvest will help you to determine the sources of wasted water at your facility. Some of the places where water is being wasted on a daily basis can be surprising. We like to refer to these sources as HarvestZones. We’ve identified & listed a few of the major harvest-zones, but the list continues to grow day by day. Do you recognize some of the sources of wasted water in your facility? Let AquaHarvest Technologies help you find ways of putting this water to good use, while helping the environment.

Harvested Water Uses

Clean Drinking Water Isn’t Needed for Every Situation

Does the water which is used to irrigate the landscaping or used to flush a toilet need to be clean enough to drink? The answer is simple. AquaHarvest Technologies will not only help you to identify the various sources of wasted water in your facility, but we’ll also help you find the best places to use the water you’ve harvested. AquaHarvest employs a large staff of experienced engineers, fabricators, and service-technicians, who will help you to determine the right equipment for every application. Whether the harvested water needs to be filtered, treated, purified, or pumped, we will help you to implement the best methods necessary to reuse the wasted water.

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