MetroMail Alarm-Messaging System

The MetroMail™ alarm-messaging system provides end users with uncompromised reliability at an affordable price. Designed to send email and text messages based on the status of 8 individual alarm inputs, MetroMail™ can monitor any electrical/mechanical system, including water, wastewater and harvest water applications. All configuration of MetroMail™ is done via webpage, allowing end users to customize MetroMail™ to fit their exact application. Simply plug its Ethernet port into an Internet-enabled network or cell modem, configure device with the appropriate text and/or email settings, and you can begin receiving notifications. MetroMail™ is available as a stand-alone device and can be integrated into any control system.

Harvested Water Pressure Booster Pump Controller

Our variable speed harvested water pressure booster pump controller provides operators with the ability to view real-time operating conditions and alarms, change both set and command points, and use a built-in integrated help screens whenever questions may arise. The easy to use functionality makes the setup and operation of a pump system truly intuitive. It incorporates a smart control strategy that saves energy, reduces water hammer and provides accurate set point control even under the most demanding conditions. It also provides real-time troubleshooting, and with an optional built-in web page, systems can be monitored remotely by connecting to the onboard Ethernet port.

Control Systems

Over the years, we have developed and confidently supplied a diverse assortment of control products. We have set the standards for the many industries we serve. Many of these products can be customized to fit specific applications and all are designed for ease of operation.
As a U.L. registered panel shop, we build and stock many of these items, as well as complete control panels for projects ranging from large municipal control systems, to variable speed water booster systems.
All of these products are available locally from our Romeoville, IL based facility and nationally through our national distribution network.

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