Control Systems and Solutions

Total Control of Your System

Choose from one of our many control systems and power sources to keep you in complete command of your system.

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Harvested Water Pressure Booster Systems

Providing the Boost You Need

AquaHarvest Technologies’ harvested water pressure booster systems come complete with pumps, motors, piping, valves and controls all factory assembled and tested, ready to install.

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Subsoil Drainage Lift Stations

Premier Reliability

Our packaged subsoil drainage lift stations include pumps, basins, covers, guiderail system, piping and valves, level sensors and the required pump control system needed to complete all commercial installations.

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Subsoil Drainage Self Priming Pump Systems

Engineered For Easy Installation and Repair

Perfect for surface-mounted installations, with features such as premium efficiency motors, enclosed impellers, and a close-coupled design, our self-priming pump systems are easy to service and operate at optimum levels.

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AquaHarvest Technologies promises to deliver solutions to the many unique challenges present in the water harvesting industries. From custom-engineered water booster stations to self priming subsoil drainage pump systems, our goal is to provide solutions specifically designed to fit our clients’ needs.
Our complete systems approach allows us to serve a wide array of applications. As is the case with all of our equipment packages, they incorporate the latest innovations from our research and development team to make filtering, treating and moving water easier and more efficient than ever before. Contact us today to discuss your custom solution!

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