Harvested Water Pressure Booster System Features

We offer variable speed systems, PLC or relay logic systems, power sources including standby power equipment, flow metering equipment, instrumentation, specific piping and valve options, and anything related to the transmission and distribution of water. All of the complete systems and accessories we provide are backed by our reputable 24/7 service capabilities.

Pump Types

• Vertical or horizontal multi-stage
• End suction
• Split case
• Turbine
• Submerged

Piping Options

• Fabricated steel – NSF 61 epoxy coated
• Stainless steel
• Ductile iron
• Copper


• UL 508A Industrial Control Systems
• UL QCZJ Packaged Pumping System labeling
• Complete factory package performance testing

Harvested Water Pressure Booster Systems

AquaHarvest Technologies offers complete skid mounted water pressure booster systems for municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Each packaged system is supplied complete with pumps, motors, piping, valves and controls all factory assembled and tested. Pump speed is adjusted by variable frequency drives to maintain a precise discharge pressure or flow rate. Control systems feature a touch screen operator interface with integral user help screens making startups and operator adjustments seamless.

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