Municipal Applications

Helping Municipalities to Promote Civic Pride and Responsibility

One of our goals at AquaHarvest Technologies is to deliver single-source integrated systems for municipalities who believe in their role as civic leaders to set good examples of civic responsibility. Water reuse not only has an ecological benefit to the environment, but it also helps to promote fiscal responsibility to the community, by illustrating an attitude of limiting the waste of all available resources in the community. Whether the harvested water is used for an elaborate water-feature in front of city hall; flushing the washroom fixtures at the community center; or in a truck washing facility at the municipal garage, AquaHarvest Technologies has the right design for any size municipal application.

Commercial Applications

Water Booster System

Providing Water Harvesting Expertise One Building at a Time

Commercial applications are the specialty of AquaHarvest Technologies. Whether it’s an office building, a residential high-rise, a hospital, or a university campus; all of these facilities have various potential sources of water which can be harvested and reused, in the place of costly & sometimes precious limited potable water sources. AquaHarvest Technologies can design integrated systems to help irrigate landscaping, fill cooling-towers, flush washroom fixtures, or supplement life saving firefighting water sources. For more than 55 years, we have provide commercial builders many types of custom engineered products and systems.

Industrial Applications

Medical Worker Machine Gears Refinery at Sunset

Single-Source Integrated Systems for Every Industry

We have the experience & expertise to help industrial facilities determine practical and cost effective solutions to their largest water-wasting processes. No application is too complicated or challenging. Our staff of experienced sales-engineers, integration-specialists, design-engineers, and service-technicians will help to determine the correct filtering, treatment, and pumping methods necessary to reuse the wasted water at any mill, foundry, mine, refinery, brewery, or plant.

National Sales

Servicing Customers Nationwide

Our national sales team partners with an experienced and professional network of representatives to provide commercial, municipal and industrial equipment and equipment packages.

AquaHarest Markets

For over 55 years the parent company of AquaHarvest Technologies, Metropolitan Industries, has engineered, manufactured and sold products for the different sectors within the water and wastewater industry including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal markets both locally and nationally.

AquaHarvest Technologies specializes in the service, design and manufacturing of large scale integrated water harvesting systems for each of these markets.

These specialty and frequently used products listed are among the top commodities that are shipped out to our customers’ everyday.

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